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Tarot can show you ways to promote personal growth, provide clarity and give guidance at any juncture. I'm definitely not of the mindset that you need to check in with Tarot for every curious little thought that crosses your mind, but here are 6 really good reasons for consulting a reader if you want to get the most of this powerful tool.

1) You're faced with a decision, and you would like some insight on the pros, cons and possible outcome of each direction. Tarot, coupled with a competent reader, can help break down for you the energetic climate of each path. This doesn't mean you'll be told what choice is better, but it does mean you'll be armed with the information you need to make a more informed decision. 


2) You feel stuck or in a rut. Tarot is a mirror, but it can also be a spark. It can help inspire you to see and breathe new life into what seems like an old routine. Whether that means exposing your blocks and barriers or prompting you to dive into something fresh and exciting, tarot can bust down those walls and help you see the many paths available.

3) You're embarking on something brand new. Whether this is a job, relationship, or major purchase - Tarot can help you check your blind spots and provide practical advice for the next steps on the journey.

4) And actually, relationships in general are a great reason to consult Tarot. Maybe you've been having difficulty interpersonally or maybe everything is going swimmingly, and you just want to know how to keep it up! Whatever the case, Tarot can help you understand the strengths, challenges and how to bring your best to any situation where partnerships are involved.

5) You know you have a team around you, spiritually speaking, and you'd like a way to tap into them and receive guidance. I use Tarot to communicate with the spirit guide realm, and to me, this is a completely valid way to not only gain insight but also learn exactly who is in our corner. This can be an especially powerful type of reading if you've been feeling lonely or disconnected. 

6) They're FUN! No, seriously - aside from all the super deep and important insight that can be gained, Tarot readings can also be completely light, if that's the space you're in. Whether you're sitting down with someone in person to receive one or enjoying getting that email packed full of info or Videocall Readings, Tarot readings are fun to perform and fun to receive. And there is nothing wrong with a little bit of entertainment, now is there? 

It is however most effective when we have a clear idea of what we want to get out of it. If you have a clear idea about what type of guidance you're seeking, feel free to check out my current list of offers on I'd love to connect!

With love and light



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