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Why do you need a Tarot Reading / Manifestation Coaching?

Life can be a little scary and unsettling at times. But it can also be wonderful ✨with the best experiences, the deepest love and the kindest connections.

Most of us don’t realize how easy we can navigate into a life of purpose, just by changing our views, visions and general outlook. ❤️

It fills me with so much joy when I see the changes happening in my beautiful clients.

What can YOU do to change YOUR LIFE today?
Contact me if you’re ready to step into your power.

Sending you so much love ❤️

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The spiritual world beyond our every day is one of pure magic and mystery, alas a few of us hold the key to the portal of the Unknown, connecting you with your inner truth.


At Tarotbypatti, I offer professional Tarot card readings for customers all over the world.


The soul is a curious embodiment, and it's waiting to be discovered...

As an online psychic, I offer a wide range of services to people all over the UK and internationally.

From past life and online tarot readings to psychic readings online, my services can be delivered Face to Face, by live video, messenger, e-mail and many other online mediums.

So whether you want an in-depth soulmate tarot reading or just a quick reading by text, I can help.

Gain insight into your past, present or future with Tarotbypatti.
My honest, friendly and efficient service puts your needs first as I aim to get back to all enquiries within 48 hours so you can worry less and start living your truth.

Based in Gosport, Hampshire, I am an energy worker and a spiritual healer, connecting with the right energy allows me to tune into you and make accurate readings.


My passion for tarot card readings run deep, I love sharing this with new people and new energy, bringing about optimism and change.


Other popular services I provide include soulmate readings, psychic readings and past life services, connecting you with your energy and higher purpose. 

So perhaps you're on a journey to enlightenment and are eager for a psychic reading, or you're wondering how a soulmate tarot reading might benefit you, TarotByPatti makes online psychic readings easy, pleasant and enjoyable. What are you waiting for? It's time to connect with your past life and uncover the mystery of your soul.

My online psychic readings are usually provided by email or text message, but I can also provide your answers in a recorded voice clip or video. For a more intimate experience, I offer live online tarot readings via video, form 30-minute sessions to 1-hour.

Whatever is the most convenient way for you to get your readings, I am with you. Whilst I am available online, in the UK, and internationally, through most online platforms, I also offer in-person appointments local to Gosport, Hampshire. 

Need answers? Get them here today.

Tarotbypatti offers a truly unforgettable experience, treated with the strictest of confidence.

How can you work with me?

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Super Speedy Manifestation course


Life Coaching

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Patti is incredible, she has been spot on in every area of my life. She has a wonderful insight and is very encouraging. I will be getting more readings with her and I cannot recommend her enough


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